Trevor Dick Band – “NEW WORLD” nominated for three GMA Canada Covenant Awards


We are honoured as a band to be nominated for three Covenant Awards with the “NEW WORLD” album. Thank you GMA Canada for this “nod” in our direction in the following categories:

INSTRUMENTAL ALBUM OF THE YEAR – Trevor Dick Band – New World  

INSTRUMENTAL SONG OF THE YEAR – “Ifriqiya” (Music: Trevor Dick & The Trevor Dick Band)

ALBUM ARTWORK OF THE YEAR – Design by Shane Drever of Hothouse Design

We thank all the collaborators on this project: Trevor Dick (violins), Brad Toews (keys), Will Jarvis (bass), Steve Heathcote (drums/percussion), Tony Lind (guitars), Richard Cleaver (engineer and co-producer), George Seara (mastering), Shane Drever (artwork/design), Ball Media Corporation (CD printing) and Flyingbow (funding/support).

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